Saturday, 11 June 2011

Summer Exhibition

I spent a couple of days finishing the Serenella masterplan, using CAD plans and sketchup models of the surrounding masterplan sections. I wish I'd had time to complete this model before the final exam...

I like this view because it shows where my masterplan joins the neighbouring student's masterplan. We left the existing context in natural/untreated wood finish, painted the masterplan contexts white; and finally treated our buildings within each of our masterplans with wood polish so they stood out against both the white masterplans and the existing context. 

The 1:250 scale meant that the models were suitable for volumes - everyone had a 1:100 or 1:50 scale model  of their individual schemes that were more detailed.

I should have taken pictures with the hundred or so people wandering around the show but I was too busy at this time - I took these pictures the day afterwards - unfortunately there are films missing of Venice and Cambridge in these images. Both films captured the mood of each location, helping visitors to feel like they are in Venice when they view the Venetian projects. The two large models in the foreground are the ones I worked on, one of the first things visitors see in the exhibition.

Finally we wanted to give the wall adjacent to the corridor an art gallery feel, so we placed a number of spare models on plinths, a few of the larger paintings were hung up and each student in our unit handed in a mounted A3 of their best image, from each semester.

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