Sunday, 8 May 2011

Final Review - Section

I've spent two days working on this section - the previous versions can be seen below. I have included more context to show how it relates to the neighbouring library, and have filled the whole base of the sheet with an underground texture (photo of concrete blended with earth, rock etc). This A0 sheet will be one of two sheets for my final presentation, and will be placed beneath the other - so the underground section is at the bottom of the board. 

Because space is short on the presentation boards, I have included my early underground storage studies (wind cellars etc) and initial ideas on the left, followed by my hand drawing (see previous blog entry) showing the two principal subterranean spaces; and finally the basement/depository floor plan. I have shaded in areas of dark and light on both the 1:100 section and the 1:200 basement plan to indicate where the light pipes are. 

(click to enlarge)

I like looking back at previous versions of this drawing from a few weeks ago. I've removed the pile foundations because I felt they were distracting, and have lightened the elevation of building two. The section cut line has been moved from the original section to include the study room.

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