Sunday, 8 May 2011

Parti and Precedents

Parti Diagram development. The aim of this quick diagram is to show that my depository links to the existing depository beneath Cambridge University Library. To tie in with my presentation format, I wanted to make the diagram less AutoCAD and more hand drawn. I had Ching's drawings on the back of my mind when cross hatching the sky rather than the earth:

Precedents - I looked at the National Library of France (Paris) by Dominique Perrault. The four towers enclose a  green area - a sanctuary from the busy city of Paris surrounding the building. My design will also enclose a public area, but unlike this building, the space will be open for the public to explore.

The neighbouring Cambridge University Library and Fielden Clegg Bradley's Accordia Housing Scheme in the city were precedents for their materiality. They both use the same brick, sourced locally. The verticality is emphasised even on the lower portions of the buildings, by vertical windows and vents.

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