Monday, 9 May 2011

Presentation Layouts

Because of the long horizontal section, I wanted to split up my sheets so that this image was on its own - to reflect its geometry. This meant splitting up my other sheet too. Simply put, the top sheet is initial concepts and development, the second has a site plan, ground floor plan and a couple of views, the third is the section and the fourth is the depository/basement studies and development. I found a black board to pin onto, which I feel helps bring out the sheets more than a white board:

The psychology of a pin up... give your examiners a comfy chair and they might not be too critical. The model of my scheme is in their periphery so they shouldn't need to move. My project is understandable from a few metres away - but the text etc helps explain it when you look closer.

I then mimicked this horizontal style with last semester's Venice project so that in 2 weeks time my presentation style will run through both projects. The top sheet covers early Venetian built environment studies and the masterplan, the second is my volumetric studies; the third is the strong images that I think help sell the scheme... and at the bottom of the board are my floor plans. These are necessary but are not as strong as renders etc so I have put these at the bottom, with the intention to place my models below these also. The diagrams above my floor plans help explain the building. 

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