Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Two Towers

There isn't enough room on the presentation board for floor plans for the two towers - I would rather prioritise the space for other/more attractive images. These will be placed in my portfolio. 

I then created a few diagrams to describe the reasoning behind the placement of the towers. The most public part of the site is diagrammed below, and the public exhibition is placed here to best promote the gallery.

The private tower is moved north to allow views from the existing library windows. The tower now blocks no views - I have prioritised the views of users in the existing library over the efficiency of solar panels - which are already overshadowed AM anyway. This positioning has the added benefit of allowing the public approaching from the east to explore/wander through the landscaping on the surface before entering the exhibition tower on the west of the site.

The final diagram describes the routes from Kings College School into the site. The 3 trees and the blocks on the west of the site act as a safety/buffer zone, protecting children from the busy road .

Revised ground floor plan with shadows shown. The two towers almost act as sun dials, casting long shadows over the site.

Finally I have inhabited the ground level with a few more people, interacting with the blocks, complete with an arbitrary flock of birds to increase the look of the height of the tower.

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